Hi My Name is Jenny. I have been an instructor in

obedience and agility for nearly 20 years. My interest in dog training started when we moved from Birmingham in the West Midlands to Poole. When our previous dog died.

We decided to get a border collie. Because borders need a lot of exercise and different things to keep their minds alert I decided to go to a dog training class and it was from that time that I became interested in training.

Although I was going to obedience classes I thought

agility would be another way to exercise my dog, so I

started going to classes and my interest just grew. I was asked to help out with the agility classes and then an obedience group was formed and I became one of the main instructors, becoming more and more interested in training, reading books, watching videos, going to seminars, going on courses, all to help me become a good instructor. It’s a nice feeling when people thank you for the advice you have given them.




My first border collie, Scamp was trained up to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award and on the agility course although he was slow he didn’t knock any of the fences down. At the same time we had Polly another border who I trained up to the Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen award. Polly enjoyed agility but as with border collies she would get over excited. Sadly Scamp and Polly are no longer with us. I now have a border collier called Judy who has been deaf from birth. But this hasn’t in any way stopped me training her in obedience, agility, fly ball, heelwork to music, and Rally O, and Rally Freestyle. I am very proud of Judy to have reached such a high standard with her disability. She has achieved the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award.


I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. I am also an examiner for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award Bronze. I have attended an Introduction to K9 Psychology Course and completed an Intermediate Psychology Course. I have recently completed an on line course ‘Learn to Talk Dogs’ in Canine Body Language and Facial Expressions. I have attended one day seminars on ‘How Dogs Communicate’ ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Stress is no Joke’ and ‘Dominance: Fact or Fiction ‘. A one day course of Interpreting Canine Body Language – Aggression and two half day courses on first aid for dog and the Tellington touch.


Judy was my demonstration dog in the classes when I was training. This showed handlers that any dog can be trained to a good standard.


I brought my dog for training 10 years ago now a ( foxbarton)

Border Collie named Campbell, Jenny was our instructor, we

passed our KCGC. Award achieving our GOLD within 14 months.

We take an active role in Obedience, KC Rally, & Agility training.

Also have competed competitively in KC Rally passing our level 4

just recently we had to retire from Agility due to signs of slight

Arthritis in Campbells right leg, so now we just take part in low

impact sports, I aim always to have a happy sociable well balanced Obedient dog & continue every day training.

I am currently a training assistant within the club i have passed

my Canine Psychology parts 1,2,3, with Ann Bond training, recently attended & passed KC Rally 2019 'S' regulation changes,

as well as a KC Rally course & Judge course.

I constantly remind myself of the 3R'S, repeat, reward, reinforce.




Anne Stuckey

My name is Anne Stuckey and I have been going to the Wessex Dog Training Club with my Sprocker Spaniel Betty since she was 12 weeks old and she is now 3 and a half. We go along to the obedience classes and love to join in with the group walks, somewhere to make friends and give and take a helping hand when things don’t go quite according to plan.


Betty and I have achieved our Bronze Good Citizens Award and are working towards taking our Silver Good Citizens Award this year.


We also love going to agility. Betty is so good and so fast I have a job keeping up at times. She is also tennis ball bonkers, brilliant for getting her attention on occasions.


Recently I have been helping Jenny and Phil with the Saturday Agility classes at the outdoor field.


In July 2018 I attended a Canine Hoopers Instructors Course in Gloucester which I successfully passed and became an Accredited Canine Hoopers Instructor and will be taking classes at our field, The Orchard, Bere Farm, Lytchett Matravers this summer.


We love helping at the various dog shows the Club attends, great for meeting people and another chance for socialising the dogs.

   Anna Bowers

I adopted Breeze, my pride and joy, in August 2016 from Margaret Green Rescue centre. I started coming to Obedience and Rally classes at Wessex Dog Training Club a couple of months later and both Breeze and i were getting to know each other and creating a bond. Breeze has passed the Kennel Club Good citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

We now also do Agility and Hoopers (applied obedience) which we love, and achieved the Good Hoopers Bronze award recently. 

I assist at the club with both obedience and agility classes.

Our latest venture is Scentwork, where the dog and handler work as a team to detect a hidden scent. Just like narotic and explosive detection dogs but we search for less dangerous scents! I did a course with Scentwork UK and passed to become  a recognised Scentwork UK Trainer and will be running courses for the club. 

Qualifications and Courses:

I am a qualified teacher (PGCE) with 15 years experience of planning courses and teaching adults and children.


Scentwork UK recognised Trainer.

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